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Services Offered

Pre-Purchase Consultation


Prior to making the decision to buy, we can help you to assess the possibilities of a property, from a number of important factors not often considered. We can help you choose a property that will be resilient far into the future!



Land Remediation


Degraded or polluted land is a problem with local and global significance. We can provide solutions to convert these liabilities into assets; partnering with living systems to move the land back into balance.

Water Systems


Here in the Okanagan Basin, we have less fresh water per person than anywhere in Canada, however we use more than twice as much as the average Canadian. Let us help you to become more efficient in your water usage. Options in this area abound; whether through water-efficient property and garden design, or rainwater harvesting and storage systems and more.


Orchard and Vineyard Services


We can assist new and existing agricultural operations in water efficiency, pest management, transitions to organic production and more.



Permaculture Design

Let us help you design your property to best meet your needs and goals; optimizing both productivity and aesthetic beauty.


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